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Indian Summer in Oklahoma

I have a love/hate relationship Indian Summer in Oklahoma. Indian Summer extends my beloved gardening season (we are still getting tomatoes and peppers); however, I hate the delay or near non-existence of the crisp days of fall. The extended warm weather makes it difficult to be excited about Thanksgiving and the holidays; especially when you live in an area which typically enjoys all four seasons. Usually, we see an end to Indian Summer around mid October, but this one sure is hanging on and we are still seeing 80 degree weather in November.

Native Pecans

Normally, pecans do not start dropping from the trees until after the first hard freeze. In yet another rare display of mother nature, some of our trees are already dropping their pecans and they look beautiful. Perhaps, the increased number of earthquakes near our area are serving to shake our nuts loose and that is why we are seeing so many on the ground. No matter what the reason, we are starting to harvest the early drops and should have some ready to order in the next couple of weeks (watch our website and Facebook pages for updates). I don't have prices just yet, but anticipate around $8.00/per lb for cracked/shelled/blown pecans ready to go.

Deep Fork Pecans Gift Basket

Just in time for the holidays, we have our gift baskets ready to order. They range in price from $20.00 - $25.00 and can be shipped anywhere in the United States for a flat rate or $13.45. We can change out product sizes to accommodate your price. The $20.00 baskets will include: 1/2lb bag Kettle Crunch, 11oz Caramel Pecan Topping and a 4oz Pecan Honey Butter. The $25.00 baskets include either: 1/2lb bag Kettle Crunch, 11oz Caramel Pecan Topping and an 11oz Pecan Honey Butter or 1/2lb bag Kettle Crunch, 16oz Caramel Pecan Topping and a 4oz Pecan Honey Butter. Place your orders early to ensure holiday arrival.

We are still continuing to attend events in all forms. We had an awesome time at Faith Baptist Church making Kettle Corn on-site for their Fall Festival. Mom and dad had a great time handing out kettle corn and our son, Matt, had fun running the kettle all evening.

Mom handing out Kettle Corn at Faith Baptist Chruch Event

November sees TU Football starting to wind down and an end to TU Soccer for the season. We had a lot of fun on the soccer fields with the Snak Shak and enjoyed some awesome games. The final TU Football home game will be November 25 at 7:00 pm. We are also taking the Shak to Eufaula for Small Business Saturday on November 26.

The Nut Hut has had it's maiden event with TU Basketball and we had a great time. Not only were our fresh roasted nuts a hit, but TU won beating Oklahoma Christian 72 - 53. We will be roasting with the Nut Hut at all of the TU Men's and Ladies games this year so you won't want to miss out. Check out our schedule on the home page for event dates and times.

Matt roasting pecans at TU Football in the Nut Hut

Deep Fork Pecans will also have booths at several events this month. We already enjoyed time in Kellyville, OK at the OHCE Creek County Quilt Show on November 4th & 5th. This next weekend we will be at The Heart of Broken Arrow Arts/Craft and Jewelry Show on November 12th. Additionally, we will be roasting with the Nut Hut at South Tulsa Baptist Church Annual Arts & Crafts Expo on Saturday as well. The 19th we will have a booth at the Morris Craft Show and Bazaar.

We are already scheduling for 2017 so if you are interested in having us attend an event or festival in any capacity, please let me know as soon as possible as dates and times are filling up fast.

On a final note, this time of year reminds me to reflect on those things I have to be thankful for. I want to let you know how much we appreciate you as friends and customers. Our business has certainly changed over the past two years and continues to grow and evolve. I am hoping we are finally settling on the direction our business will be taking. You have all been so patient with our growing pains. I hope you will continue to join us through this journey and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

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