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Summer Stuff

Looks like I'm late, again, with the monthly blog. You know, it seems, more often than not, months get away from me before I'm ready to sit down at the computer and update you on the happenings at the homestead; probably a task I should make New Years Resolution about or something.

Grand Champion Cake

June turned out to be quite an exciting month for us. We started off attending the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association annual meeting. I am very excited to report that we won Grand Champion Cake at the food show there for our Butter Pecan Layer Cake (recipe is posted below). While there we attended many meetings and educational sessions updating information regarding pecan production, soil management, marketing, etc. It was fun to get together with so many like-minded individuals all trying to improve pecan products.

Deep Fork Snak Shak

Since then, we've attended several shows with the roaster which has spurred our next adventure for Deep Fork Pecans. . . Keep your eyes open, coming soon to festivals and events will be, "Deep Fork Snak Shak". We are in production with the first of what we hope will be a small fleet of mobile snack shacks to attend festivals and events, parties, light catering and more. We are scheduling events now and will let you know where to find the "Shak" coming up.

Speaking of festivals and the like, we do not have any festivals scheduled, at this time, until late September (look for that to change). We are taking a small hiatus as we work on production of the Snak Shak and supporting facilities. We also have decided to take a vacation the first week of August. Now, I realize that we are living the dream and our life is one fabulous day after another; however, we do enjoy getting together with family and just hanging out so that is what our vacation is all about. Don't worry, we love you all too and will be back in circulation in no time. Until then, mark your calendars for the Tulsa State Fair, September 29 - October 9. We will be a vendor at the Expo Center in the Made in Oklahoma area all 11 days. We are looking forward to seeing you stop by and say hello.

Butter Pecan Layer Cake Recipe

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