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If April Showers Bring May flowers . . .

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? Perhaps bees? I pretty much love everything about spring; planting the garden, I get to mow the lawn, rain showers and thunder-boomers, the flowers are in bloom, and the trees are budding out. Wait a minute, I should back up here. What I should have said, is most trees are budding out. If you are privileged to live in an area where pecan trees are prevalent, you might notice they are still bare. Pecan trees are one of the last trees of the season to bud out putting their leaves on about mid-April to early May in our area. However, the grounds aren't completely barren, the clover is certainly coming on and this is very important for our groves. Clover is a good source of nitrogen which helps increase grove health and pecan production. Personally, I could spend all day in a clover patch day dreaming and looking for a little four leaf friend. As it is, duty calls and I am busy with Deep Fork business.

Obviously, one of those duties is our general store. We had our re-grand opening last month and it was a huge success. We welcomed back our regular favorites and some new vendors as well. One of our regular favorites is Castle Connection. Sisters Carrie and Terri brought in several new items including vintage windows, signs, trays, and even an adorable stick horse. They have started to work with some larger items as well and have a re-fabricated bureau available in our store. Carrie and Terri will also be at several shows and venues around the Tulsa area. With reasonable prices and quality work, you won't want to miss them.

Speaking of shows, this month starts the busy event and show season for us here at Deep Fork Pecans. Starting April 16th we will be in Stillwater, Oklahoma for the Stillwater Noon Lions Made in Oklahoma Showcase. The Stillwater Noon Lions have paired this show with the Stillwater Legends Weekend; a jam-packed weekend featuring over twenty events that truly capture the spirit and vibe of America's Friendliest College Town, can only mean it is Legends Weekend! Experience OSU Athletics, Stillwater's longest running community theatre, art, food trucks, live music and more. Definitely a road trip you will want to make.

We will be at a private event on April 22nd & 23rd; however, April 29th and 30th we will round out our month in Shawnee, Oklahoma at Okiebagos! Okiebagos is the RV club of Oklahoma and the state club of the Winnebago International Travelers Club sponsored by Winnebago Industries, Inc. in Forest City Iowa. This is their 46th state rally with RVs attending from Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Texas and more.

Not to worry, with a few exceptions we will continue to be open our regular hours and are always available online. If you would like to set-up a specific time outside business hours to visit, just give us a call and we will be happy to have you out.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what May Flowers bring, the answer is pilgrims.

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