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Just in Time for the Holidays!

Inside General Store - Deep Fork Pecans

We have new pecan products just in time for the holidays! Available on-line and in our country store we have new pecan spreads and toppings. Your tastebuds will love our pecan honey butter, praline pecan honey butter, and carmel pecan toppings.

We are proud to offer Kinloch Pecan Oil. Pecan oil is lower in saturated fat than olive oil and is neutral in flavor. It has a very high smoke point of 470 degrees (smoke point of virgin olive oil is 320 degrees). Pecan oil is much lighter than olive oil and is well suited for everday healthy cooking. It is 100% natural and has no chemicals. Pecan oil can be used as a butter substitute and is suitable for baking.

Deep Fork Pecans will have a booth at the Fall Festival at Faith Baptist Church in Slick, OK on October 10th. All of our wonderful pecan products will be available there, online, or in our Beggs, OK store.

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