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Welcome to Deep Fork Pecans

We are so excited to begin our adventure as Deep Fork Pecans. We have been selling our wonderful Native Oklahoma pecans to wholesalers for years and have decided it is time to share them with the public. We have been busy this year as we continue to work in our groves so we can bring you the most flavorful pecans. Anyone who has ever snacked or cooked with these Oklahoma Natives knows that they pack the most flavor of any pecans. We have also been working to build our new processing center. This is the first step to what we are hoping to be a long journey bringing our home to yours.

The weather has been quite unpredictable (as it always is in Oklahoma) so we have been watching our groves and working extra hard to make sure we have good production. Pecans are harvested in the fall after the first freeze. Quantities may be limited; however, so place your orders early to ensure delivery.


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