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1/4 Cup Jumpin' Jack's Candied Jalapenos

8oz Cream Cheese

1 1/2lbs Ground Beef

 1 TBSP Jumpin' Jack's Black Magic Powder

Jumpin' Jack's Sweet Hot Mustard

Hawiian Slider Buns

1.  Mix Candied Jalapenos and softened cream cheese together.

2.  Sprinkle Black Magic Powder over ground beef and brown in skillet or

         instapot and drain off grease.

3.  Assemble sandwich as follows:

        Spread jalapeno cream cheese mixture on bottom slider bun.

        Add a scoop of the ground beef mixture.

        Top with sweet hot mustard to taste.

        (Add a few more candied jalapenos)

        Top with slider bun and Enjoy!

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